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History of Taikang Cultural Center

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The establishment of Taikang Cultural Center first came under discussion in 2004 in response to the call of local cultural historians, educators, temple committees, community leaders, and elected representatives. Aware of the inadequacy of cultural infrastructure in the Annan District, local communities proposed the establishment of a cultural center to promote local culture, humanities, and historical characteristics. With the collaboration of local groups, the authorities finalized the establishment plan for Taikang Cultural Center after five years of active efforts. In 2009, Tainan City Government selected the site of the Center (covering ca. 1.6 hectares), located at the intersection of Anji Road and Anjhong Road in Annan District, and successively implemented the preliminary planning, design commissions, and land acquisition operations. In late-December, 2015, the construction project for Taikang Cultural Center finally got underway and after three years of construction, the much-awaited Taikang Cultural Center officially opened on April 13, 2019.

Taikang Cultural Center is the only cultural center built after Tainan was upgraded to a special municipality. It is also the first cultural facility in Taiwan established in collaboration with local communities, cultural figures, educators, and temple committees through a bottom-up civic engagement process. Taikang Cultural Center serves as a theater, library, and community university at the same time. Its multi-functional use facilitates a flexible and dynamic business model, making the Center not only the hub of the “Taikang Cultural Circle” in the greater Tainan area, but also a significant venue for artistic/cultural events and lifelong learning in Annan.

Taikang Cultural Center boasts a black box theater which can accommodate an audience of 400-600. In addition to nurturing local theatrical energy and plays in the theater, the Center also launched the “Taikang Artist in Residence Program” to cultivate local talents and develop signature works of art via site-specific creation and local participation. In the long run, the Center wishes to enrich local cultural resources and bring about more works that feature the local characteristics of Taikang.