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Future of the Taikang Campus of Tainan Community University

Annan District, Tainan City was a part of the historical Taijiang Inner Sea. In the past, the Inner Sea covered two thirds of the land of Tainan City, but as time passed, the landscape also witnessed dramatic changes. Our ancestors took advantage of the new landscape and began to build simple shacks as schools so as to pass down the Taikang culture to later generations. In order to preserve such spirit, the local Chao Huang Temple at Haiwei collaborated with Tainan Community University to found the Taikang Campus (a branch of the Community University) and managed to raise funds to help promote social education. By doing this, the Chao Huang Temple Committee hopes to exalt the benevolent spirit of the main deity in the temple, Pao Sheng Emperor (also often referred to as Dadaogong) and to allow residents to learn locally and further explore local culture. With this goal in mind, the Committee is endeavoring to advocate learning and benefit the public, just like how Dadaogong watches over the locals. The Committee is also striving to preserve the spirit of education that traditional village schools used to promote. These steps will undoubtedly encourage more villagers to go to the Taijiang Campus (located in the Chao Huang Temple) to learn, thus fulfilling the vision of lifelong learning, community development and self-realization. In the future, the Campus expects that more temples in different villages of Taikang can join in so that the Campus can establish more branches. By doing this, the Community University can further help the residents learn locally and better their life and communities with the power of knowledge and culture.


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*photos provided by Taikang Campus, Tainan Community University